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Matthew5c Calvin and Hobbes best info page

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This page is about almost all od the important Calvin and Hobbes strip, from the first to last. With every strip, there would be a good written part about the strip, and where the strip came from. So, have fun reading your own computer comic of Calvin and Hobbes. Back to Matthew5c Calvin and Hobbes page 



This is the first Calvin and Hobbes strip, published in November 15, 1985. Many people haven't seen the first strip,because it only showed in 30 papers, and not even Watterson got to see in his hometown. Many people then didn't know much about Watterson's creation. So this is one reason he enjoys he made the book collections. But, Bill thought it would be important how Calvin and Hobbes met. Now, he has done so much.



During the 10 years, Watterson loved the snow. He most pouplar were either the snowmen or Christmas. In this Calvin and Hobbes strip, it is like G.R.O.S.S., Hobbes betrays Calvin. I think the 2nd panel is funny with the temapture. Calvin  acts like he is working in the senate, or a general of a war. The next one explains Calvin and Hobbes playing war.


This is the war. For Calvin, its like the the Veitnom War. For me, its like the Iraq War. Calvin, through my point of view, acts and talks like a grownup. Now, he fights like an American soldier. Hobbes, to Calvin, is like an Iranian, but Hobbes acts like he is the leader of his Tiger Army and he thinks Calvin is a British brat. But, theythink war is stupid, just shooting each other before anyone moves. 


You may think you can't read those words,so let me say them. 

Hobbes: What's that ceral you're eating?

Calvin: It's my new favorite, "Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs."

Calvin: Have a taste.

Hobbes: Thank you

Hobbes: Mffpbth!! S-sw-sw SWEET!!

Calvin: Actaully, they're kinda bland till you scoop sugar on 'em.

So, anyways, this is the first strip of Calvin's favorite ceral, Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. Instead of eating plain otmeal that comes alive, he eats his ceral, usaullyon Saturday, when he and Hobbes wake up at 6:00 a.m., grab the ceral, and watch cartoons. Hobbes hates 'em and says there unhealthy, but Calvin ignores him. Hobbes just has toast.   


If you can't read this, here

Hobbes: Look! A Decoder Ring!

Calvin: Wow! We can send each other secret messages in code!

Calvin: Ha ha! Now Mom and Dad won't be able to understand us at all!

Calvin: ...Not that they do anyway...

In the Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs Saga, Bill put some prizes in Calvin's ceral. In this comic strip, Calvin finds a ring.He and Hobbes could send secret messages, like in their club G.R.O.S.S., but their plan if a fraud when Calvin's Mom and Dad will understand them, like they do now. Later, Calvin doesn't understand his mom.



Bill has made lots of snowman strips. This is one with a Guniess World Record Book. Many times Bill has wrote about Snowmen. Its easy, thee circles, a carrot nose, three buttons, two eyes, and a mouth. To Calvin, sometimes it gets out of hand.


In Something Under the Bed Is Drooling, Watterson he has been trying to escape the tyranny of panels. This one has inspired me to not use panels, and more dance seens. I can tell during Christmas, Saturday, and late at night or early in the morning, Calvin's parents get grumpy. In the last panel, I could tell his Dad would like to give Calvin for adomption. His Mom just wants him to be quiet. On school days, Calvin is like his parents and his parents are like Calvin.


Bill regreats putting Calvin in cub scouts. This trilogy has made Bill wish he didn't do this, but Calvin and Hobbes seem excited. Except cooking hotdogs on real fire, he carries an oven, and carries comics. Bill regreats this because Calvin is a type of kid that shouldn't be with other kids, he should be alone with Hobbes. Later in the third to fifth book, he makes Calvin and his family go camping. Bill feels happier because Calvin isn't a kid thats use with other kids.


This is one strip with Calvin. He and Hobbes "acidentlly" get lost from the group. As a wilderness explorer, he packs his survial package, comics. His favriote comics are Captain Napalm. "Be prepared" is his motto for bringing comics. He says he could be out in the forest for weeks, until Hobbes says when they get hungry. The scouts haven't improved with Bill, so he stopped. 


Captain Napalm to the rescue! Not yet. As his comic is, Calvin acts like an alter ego. This strip came before Stupendous Man, and I came up with Stupendous Matt. Stupendous Man came a year later. He was in Yukon Ho! Lazy Sunday Book, and Weirdos from another planet! In other strips, he showed up. But now, Napalm is stuck.


Whoever sits in boring English class would like this. Hobbes thinks he has all the answers. Like 5+4=19. Calvin says 6+9=5. Hobbes thinks hes doing higher math and english than the school. I bet if Calvin makes it to collage, he would not succed from Spainsh if he can't with this.

During the days when Calvin met Susie, he asked Hobbes about love and kisses. Of course, Calvin would NEVER kiss Susie. Hobbes, on the other hand, would like to have those doctor-nurse moments. Calvin hates Susie and thats how G.R.O.S.S. began. Hobbes would kiss Susie, but has to hide secrets from his partner. The top strip shows how a kiss is, and the bottom shows how he would like his girls.


Before G.R.O.S.S. was a club in Calvin years, Calvin played as pirates. He assembly was like G.R.O.S.S., not liking girls at all.



  Original screen play of the doctors office               
Calvin: You! You wiped everyone's mind of me!
Scientist: Ha ha ha ha! Now you must choose between two adventures to go on...
this one...
Scientist: ...or this one?


Safari Al

A popular comic from Calvin and Hobbes is his other alter ego, Safari Al. As Captain Napalm, they only showed up twice, in Calvin and Hobbes and The Essential Calvin and Hobbes. Calvin, if he thinks this is how he keeps his room clean, needs to think again. King Kong is violent, but his mom is more violent when he sees what her son has done for a long time.

Amazon. com

This is like the best story in Something under the bed is drooling, the transmogrfier. With just a cardboard box, he could change into his favriote animal, a tiger. But his mom and dad don't see it. If I were Calvin, I would be a T-Rex to attack my enimes. Calvin might be one to attack the class bully, Moe.  




This is the first Rosalyn stories. For the first time, Bill put the first in color. Again, he did in the 2nd panel the army. In this, Bill doesn't put Roz's name in. Many stories of Roz turn out in bonzo. 


This is the end of a Valitine Story. Calvin makes Susie a card. It says "I hate you. Drop Dead." Then he buys dead flowers, but its a relashaship begining.



You don't have to read the words, just the pitchures. As the other one, Susie attacks Calvin. They don't like each other, in a weird some of way.


Calvin's dad makes lots of things up, and this, I believe, is not true. But Calvin will take a lie or turth, sometimes.


This is the first alter ego hero, Spaceman Spiff. Spaceman Spiff is the most popular alter ego, besides Tracer Bullet and Stupendous Man.

Calvin has really got to learn to come up with solutions.

If Calvin's Dad has to go up to his boss, he will be out in a sec once he hears about Calvin.

Moe is a jerk to Calvin and Bill. The only thing Moe is good at in school is Physical Education.

In every book, from Calvin and Hobbes to It's a Magical World. Always, the monsters want to grab and devour Calvin.

This strip was one of the fan favs. If Calvin always takes a bath, then why does he have to check for sharks?

As I said, Calvin doesn't do good in school. In think the second panel is funny.

Calvin may think whereing dark glasses are cool, until you bumb into someone.

Calvin nevers likes his mom's cooking. I think his dad has done it this time. 



Calvin thinks he can get a smiple haircut, but no, not one day, like with the doctor.



As the haircut from the top, HOBBES is the barber. But one little change makes him bald. When Bill was drawing, he laughed. This story also mentinoned Tracer Bullet, another alter ego of the Alter Saga.



From this, you can tell Calvin LOVES dinosaurs. Watterson says the Tyrannosaur's alligator tail, claws, belly, etc., he said are all wrong. Apperantly, he did no research.


You don't need to read this, just look. This was the first color Spaceman Spiff. Many things, like the Bullet, Transmogifier, and T-Rex are from Monsters, and this is the first.


Another funny strip. Bill wants to agree with his fans Calvin thinks seeing two people making out is "educatinaol."

This is one of the T-Rex strips.

This is my favriote strip in the essential Calvin and Hobbes.

Sometimes Calvin polls his dad. For more info, find more Dad Polls.


I like the color of this strip.  


We are now partly out of the oringinal book Calcin and Hobbes and Something Under the bed is drooling. There will more of that, but we'll move into Yukon Ho! I like this strip. I think this strip was made in July 3rd, 1886. I think the 2nd strip is inspired by Hobbes and the 4th panel is with Calvin's imagination.



One of my favriote stories are with Calvin playing baseball. I like it when Calvin and Hobbes play and they get in fights.


Bill's wife found a dead kitten outside one morning and Watterson said this story almost wrote itself. Death isn't much of a "kid" thing. This story shows Calvin's real personality, nice and sweet instead of crude and rude. I will only right Calvin's feelings.

First strip

Calvin: Hobbes, look! There's a little raccoon on the ground.

Hobbes: Is it alive?

Calvin: I think so, but he's hurt. See, he's hardly breathing.

Hobbes: Better not touch him if he's hurt.

Calvin: Yeah. You wait here and guard him. I'll run and get mom.

Hobbes: I sure hope she can help.

Calvin: Of course she can! You don't get to be mom if you can't fix everything right.

4th strip

Hobbes: Has he eaten anything?

Calvin: No.

Calvin: Don't die, little raccoon.

Calvin: It wouldn't be very grateful of you to break my heart.

6th panel

Calvin: Dad, did you check on the little raccoon this morning?

Dad: Yes Calvin...I'm afraid he died.

Calvin: WAAHHHH!!

Dad: I'm sorry too, kiddo. But he didn't have much of a chance.


Dad: At least he died warm and safe, Calvin. We, did all we could, but now he's gone.

Calvin: *Sniff*...I know. I'm crying because out there he's gone, but he's not gone inside me.





This is the end of a Holloween story. I know when I was six I ate some much Milk Duds, then tthe next year I would barf if I ate it. So I guess Calvin and Hobbes just have to wait until Christmas for some extra choclate.


I think this is a cute strip. Calvin first was gonna attack "Santa", but his feelings gave in. This is another fan fav. This is another strip that shows Calvin's feelings.



This strip shows Calvin's personality. Yukon Ho!  shows Calvin a little meaner. If he knew who to sue, he would have to prove what they did.


One of the serious things to Calvin but funny to the readers is Calvin riding his bike. Calvin has all this time been trying to ride a bike.


As always, Hobbes thinks hes good at math. In Yukon Ho! he is funny. Calvin needs to avoid Hobbes and pay more attention is class.


I don't relly understand this strip. Bill, I think, would laugh at this.


As I said, Hobbes doesn't know much math or history or even death. If Calvin ignores Hobbes when hes in collage, he might be a "D" student instead of an "F."


I think this is the best strip in Yukon Ho! I think Bill ran out of ideas and names for the planets, so he made like Q-13, X-13, etc., I think Bill does this to Calvin in his classroom to make it more better. I remember in my 3rd grade wax museum I was Lewis and Clark, and Calvin may not understand.



This is another strip when Hobbe's mind comes in. Bill must've wanted some humor from someone like "unsmart but smart' tiger. Now, Calvin has to work harder.


I get the girl thing, but Hobbes has gone a little too far.


I think Hobbes should respect Calvin when he is trying to help me, then again, Calvin should be more careful when he is helping a friend.


We have been moving out of Something under the bed is drooling into Yukon Ho! The death thing was Calvin and Hobbes, and so is this. Now, its about to be just into the other Calvin and Hobbes book. So now get ready to get into angry, more fun, and cool Calvin and Hobbes. This is the first sotry where Susie and Calvin both get sent to the prinicbals. The last strip, ot last panel, shows Calvin's prinicbial as an alien and Calvin is Spaceman Spiff.



This is an intro of another invention Calvin will like to build. His only invention is the Transmogifier, but later, better nad greater things.


This is the first Stupendous Man comic. Now, Stupendous Man has a red cape and costume and does any adventures.


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