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At Meadow Point we celebrate community. This community includes you. Please bring us into your homes by joining our interactive website. Here, you can learn about your child's classroom, discover their work, and participate in discussions. Below are links to teacher and student web pages.


  Sullivan Release 12-2.pdf  

Sullivan Media Release Dist.pdf


  • Click here for an important message from our PTO!
  •  Reminder To bring in your Labels For Education UPC For money for your School (Post Brand Cereal is now offering Labels For Education on all of there Cereal)
  • Click  9-11 Message from District


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Important Dates


 Click here for free dental cleanings! 




Question of the week for May 9-13:

What is the slowest land mammel?

Answers are due by the end of the day on Friday, May 13.


Last week's answer: The sport originally known as "sidewalk surfing" is skateboarding.

Book Fair is over!  Thanks for supporting our book fair. 
Students! Click here to go to our Learning Links!
Big Brainz Multiplication Games

To view Mrs. Schwartz student-created Niger presentation, click here.


Classroom Pages        5th Grade:    Mrs. Chase  |   Mrs. Maez  |  Mr. Heit | Typing Scores
4th Grade:    Mrs. Christy  |  Ms. Carlson  Mrs. Rose
GT:                  Mrs. Schwartz
3rd Grade:    Mrs. Sauerberg  |  Miss. Sanchez  |  Mrs. Chapdelaine  |  Miss. Roenfeldt 
2nd Grade:    All 2nd Grade Teachers 
1st Grade:     Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Henderson  
Kindies:        Mrs. Curd 

PLC Presentation 


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